Mulch Express and Landscape Supply is proud to provide our customers with a product that sets us aside from our competitors. The mulch making process below explains why our product is the best quality and price.

Step 1

The mulch manufacturing process starts with the collection and receiving of high quality scrap wood products from sawmills, whole tree land clearing and landscape companies. There is no treated wood, such as pallet or rail road ties, used or permitted at any point in our manufacturing.

Step 2

Brush, stumps, logs and wood chips are processed through an industrial grinder to a specified size, stock piled and aged to produce a rich, dark, natural mulch.

Step 3

Our colored mulch (available in black or brown) is produced by mixing a nontoxic, environmentally friendly dye with water which is applied during the grinding process to ensure complete and uniform application.

The final result is a finished mulch that will hold its color the entire season!

Mulch Express and Landscape supply is currently offering Black, Brown, and Natural Mulch. We also offer Certified Playground Mulch as well as Screened and Unscreened Top Soil. 

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